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As a patient, you and your family will enjoy the following unmatched values provided by Heritage Internal Medicine.

Optimal healthcare requires good communication between patients and physician. When choosing a primary care doctor, most patients look not only for someone who is knowledgeable and experienced but who will spend time to listen carefully to their concerns and attends to their medical needs. The Institute of Medicine identifies patient centeredness as a core component of quality healthcare. At Heritage Internal Medicine, we embrace the core values of compassion, empathy and responsiveness to the diverse health care needs of each person. We strive to communicate clearly with patients about their medical conditions and treatments. We assure to listen to patients so their medical needs are understood and addressed appropriately and timely. 

We believe that our practice will be a model and inspiration for the region to achieve high quality care at significantly reduced costs. At Heritage Internal Medicine, patients will receive only one bill for the office visit and the cost is lower than physician practices owned or operated by hospitals of which patients typically receive two (2) separate bills for each visit. As a result of this issue, patients will pay high deductibles and co-insurance costs for hospital-based practice settings. 

Studies have shown that inadequate access to primary care physicians remains a major source of patient dissatisfaction. As a result of this dilemma, we see a significant increase of Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits. At Heritage Internal Medicine, we utilize the Advanced Access Scheduling and Patient Portal to allow patients easy and timely access to the office for an appointment. This process enables us to reduce or eliminate delays without additional resources. In addition, patients are able to see their own personal physician that enhances continuity of care and more productive visits with short waiting time.  

There is an increasing demand for a cost effective health care in the nation and our region. We strongly believe that Heritage Internal Medicine will perform very well with the leadership of our experienced and skilled physician in delivering and coordinating the best quality and efficient care for the patients. At Heritage Internal Medicine, we focus on patient care by using evidence-based protocols and proper coordination/communication with specialists. This would lead to significantly improve health benefits and reduce risks, harms and costs to patients.  

Heritage internal Medicine invested in cutting-edge information technology that fully integrates the Electronic Health Record, Physician Practice Management and Patient Portal systems. With this infrastructure of Patient Portal, a secure web-based technology, our patients are able to access to the Heritage Internal Medicine office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Make appointment requests
  • Reminder of upcoming appointment
  • Fill out new patient registration form
  • Access to patient forms
  • Request a specialist referral
  • View your laboratory results
  • Request to refill prescriptions
  • Email health newsletters & announcements to keep patients informed
  • Communicate with secure messaging

….all from the comfort of your home whenever it is convenient for you! 

For more information on the Patient Portal please contact the office directly or talk with the staff at your next office visit.